Ikea Sultan Havberg Review: Deliver Great Value For Your Money

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Looking at the design, it is evident; designers did try to take things back a little bit. The Ikea Sultan Havberg does come complete with Bonnell springs, the oldest and most common type of mattress coil. They are purely made of steel, and that comes with a lot of benefits; it provides support for your entire body. In other news, the way the springs have been designed is also worth mentioning; the whole construction enhances airflow, so the mattress  manages to stay fresh and clean for a really long period of time.

Moving the top side of this spring mattress, we could actually say a lot of work has also gone there; It comes with an upholstered layer that is made from a blend of polyester, polyurethane foam and fiber wadding. That is a tight top right there. With it, you will not need an extra layer of cushioning on top like pillow top mattresses. That has also resulted in one thing; the mattress is only available in firm, so if you are looking for something soft, you are really going to be disappointed with the Ikea Sultan Havberg. Nevertheless, its high level of firmness also comes with a number of benefits to the user. It provides pressure point relief if they suffer from pains and aches due to your current mattress’s lack of support.

Weight and Size

If you are looking for something lightweight, the Ikea Sultan Havberg is definitely what you should be going for next. This mattress is impossibly lightweight and relatively thin, particularly compared to other mattress out there.  In fact, the mattress can be rolled packed and coming with an overall weight of around 44 pounds, you can easily transport it from one place to another.  It is one of the easiest to transport spring mattress we have today on the market. When it comes to size, given the its simplicity and price point, coming only available in three size; twin, full and queen has not comes as a surprise to us. While the lack of a kind size is slightly disappointing, the size choices suffice for most single sleepers


After spending a couple of hundreds of dollars on a mattress, the first thing you would want from it is to serve you for years. For most people, a mattress makes a long term investment and that explains the reason why most shoppers always look for one that comes with a lengthy warranty. When we look at the Ikea Sultan Havberg, it is like the designers had that in mind. This is one of the best mattresses for it comes with warranties of up to 25 years. 

What The Customers Are Saying

It is because of its high quality construction and plenty of features it comes with that the Ikea Sultan Havberg has found its way into millions and millions of homes. For the period it has been in the market, the reception has been amazing. Most customers have said they love the durability the mattress does come with. In other quarters, most people have been hugely impressed with the level of firmness the Ikea Sultan Havberg does come with.

In fact, it has been said it is the best for people who have had to deal with back pain for years resulting from sleeping on low quality mattress. It has not even stop there; many are saying the Ikea Sultan Havberg is possibly one of the most easy mattresses to transport. It is lightweight and you can move it from one location to another with so much ease. At the end, really, the Ikea Sultan Havberg is going to hold one of the best spots in the market now and for years to come. Sounds great! Isn’t?


When you are shopping for a mattress, other than looking at all the pros it comes with, you would also want to know about some of the cons that particular mattress comes with. After all, who want surprises later on? Now,  looking at the Ikea Sultan Havberg in respect to its cons, there are a couple of low points about this new piece of technology people might want to know before they can invest their hard earned cash on it. First, the top part is supper firm, so if you are looking for something that is soft, you may end up being disappointed if you go for this option. Second, for people who are looking for a king size mattress, news that this option is not available in king size is also going to be bad news to them.

Bottom line

Well, the Ikea Sultan Havberg does not come with all those advanced features and sophistication we always see on more expensive spring mattresses available out there, but it manages to deliver  great value for the money. It, however, lacks a plush pillow top, so it is one of the best choices only for people who like their mattress to be extra firm. We will not hesitate to recommend this sleeping masterpiece to anyone looking for the best experiences. You will love it.

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